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Vestibular Rehab is utilized by physical therapists to help patients improve balance, decrease the risk of falls, and improve day to day difficulties related to their dizziness.  Whether you feel unsteady on your feet, have sensations of spinning or “wooziness”, it may be vertigo or dizziness. Symptoms such as this can make everyday life very difficult, even sitting up or standing up can become very hard and unsafe. It is very common. According to the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, “dizziness is the most common reason that people visit a physician after age of 75.” The good news is that for most people it can be successfully treated by a physical therapist. Dizziness is not generally serious, it can be caused by a disturbance in the inner ear or even as a side effect of a medicine you may be taking.

At BPT, our therapists evaluate your symptoms, review your medical history and complete an assessment of your balance, walking, positional testing for inner ear problems, visual stability and general strength and ROM including neck mobility. Based upon the evaluation, the physical therapist will design a treatment plan to work towards improving any deficits identified in the evaluation. Your subsequent visits to the clinic will involve completing specific exercises and utilizing techniques to eliminate or improve your dizziness. For many of our patients, the vestibular program will be the only therapy they will need to overcome balance and dizziness problems. The exercises and techniques learned in therapy can be utilized at home after discharge for continued symptom relief.